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IBM home page for zSeries/Virtual Machine (z/VM). Information on the latest version with links to an overview, recent announcements, news, events, products and features, downloads, technical resources, library, service and education.

Eastern Orthodox Editors
A review of z/VM's XEDIT and similar Editors on other platforms.

Linux Performance on z/VM
Velocity Software's site dedicated to Linux performance issues when running on z/VM. From tips to full case studies.

MVMRUG: Midwest VM Regional Users Group
A not-for-profit Ohio corporation focusing on bringing speakers to the area, as part of a goal to foster sharing of z/VM-related information and experience.

MVMUA: Metropolitan VM Users Association
The oldest z/VM organization in the U.S. was formed in 1974 and serves the New York City area.

IBM home page for the z/VM implementation of Resource Access Control Facility. Information on the latest version with links to an overview, news, downloads, user groups, past and future presentations, migrating, library, FAQs and education. RACF is security software.

VM/CMS on your PC
A fan's z/VM site, including material on running VM/370 on a PC.

VM/ESA, OS/390, and S/390 Resources on the Net
Mostly links to VM-related information. From Jack J. Woehr of the Rocky Coast Free Board in Colorado.

Velocity Software's Performance Presentations
Snippets and full technical conference sessions on server consolidation and Linux performance issues in a z/VM environment.

z/VM User Groups
An IBM-maintained list of non-profit organizations that provide an opportunity for z/VM users to get and share technical information.

z/VM Worldwide Events Calendar
Upcoming seminars, presentations, conferences, courses and other events by IBM, user groups, consulting firms and training companies.

z/VM and Linux for zSeries Resources
A collection of links to IBM Web pages explaining why z/VM is their preferred platform for running Linux on the mainframe. And an overview of how to do it.