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Apple Airport Network Security
Practical security tips to make Apple's Airport wireless network more secure. Security Support
Homepage to Apple's security resources and guides for Mac users.

CodeTek Studios, Inc. - SafeShred
File and disk deletion software. [Shareware with some features disabled until registered]

Video motion detection and tracking software for the Macintosh by Channel D Corporation that can use any QuickTime-compatible video input source.

DoorStop X Firewall
A software firewall providing IP address-based protection for any and all TCP-based services running on a Macintosh.

Drive Vaccine
Computer restoration software ideal for schools to reverts back upon reboot not saving any changes.

Silently and intelligently watches for suspicious behavior, and when triggered, invokes a solid filter which completely bans the potential intruder from your Macintosh

Data shredder. Inc.
Data recovery, forensic software, and hard drive copying software.

SuperLock Pro
This security program by TriVectus provides powerful features to keep your Macs secure, such as three access levels and support for thousands of users, protection even when the computer is booted off a different disk, and various password cracking prevention measures.

Advanced Macintosh security software implementing Apple Computer's latest Mac OS 9 technology.