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Bee Docs
Mac software for creating timeline charts.

David Stark aka Zarkonnen
Personal website with several Mac utilities as well as a game, Asteroid Storm. It also features a gallery of computer-made pictures and photography.

File Sequencer
File renaming and renumbering utility for Mac OS X.

An application to change the file types (type- and creator-codes) of files. Good for OS 8.6 - OSX.

Reviews of select free applications for the Mac.

Ejector, NetDraw, Last Start, Perpetual Calendar, Converter+, and Search URL. Site in French and English.
Only freeware. Only for Macs. Updated daily with read me files and screenshots!

Free program that attempts to list every Macintosh ever built and the hardware specifications of each machine.

Games, puzzles and icons.

NoName Scriptware
Free AppleScripts to improve the Mac user experience.

Program which uses palette animation to make your drawings appear as if they're moving.

The Talking Moose
A desktop diversion for the Mac that has a Moose pop up on your screen periodically (several different animations are available), and have it say something funny, witty or utterly useless using Speech Synthesis. Available for MacOS 7.1-9.x and MacOS X 10.1 or better.

The Unarchiver
Open source application that unpacks archive files, aims to support as many formats as possible. Download links, documentation, support forums.

Offers traceroute, ping, whois, network sniffer, dns query tool for MacOS 9 and MacOS X.

Wooden Brain Concepts
Palm and Mac freeware and shareware.

Xtralean Software
Makers of ImageWell an imaging application that lives in the menu bar. Product information, support, and contact information.

Analyses genetic data and converts it to musical parameters. This application acts like a ribosome in a cell that translates the bases of the incoming mRNA into aminoacids that form the components of the folded protein chains. Musical style: House/Dub/Abstract