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Kildall, Gary
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CP/M - The First PC Operating System
Information about the history of CP/M and Digital Research. Links to various CP/M resources.

CP/M Center
Information about CP/M and links to various CP/M resources.

CP/M Main Page
Resource on technical internals, software, utilities, many links; by John Elliott.

Commercial CP/M Software Archive
A collection of CP/M software, including source codes and documentations.

Commodore and CP/M
Technical description of Commodore's implementation of CP/M Plus in C128, including a couple of tools.

Joe Wein's DRI page
Some notes about Gary Kildall, CP/M and Microsoft from a former DRI programmer.

OAK Repository - CP/M Archive (mirror)
German mirror of the largest public CP/M archive.

An archive of antique software and manuals related to S100 and CP/M hardware and software.

Wikipedia: CP/M
Encyclopedia article, with links to many related topics.

Z-Node 51
Downloads and information for CP/M, Z-systems and Z80 computers. Includes a collection of articles and manuals, too.

Operating system for Amstrad NC100 Notepad and NC200 Notebook; mostly compatible with CP/M 2.2; descriptions, documents, downloads. Free.