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A free software to manipulate the EFI/UEFI boot entries.

Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL)
Archive of a project to create a graphical boot loader. Includes manual, FAQ and source code.

GAG - Graphical Boot Manager
An open source graphical boot manager which supports up to 9 operating systems. Screen shots, version history and download.

Gujin Boot/Linux/System Loader
For PCs, analyzes filesystems, supports Linux kernel and chainboot.

MATTsoft Boot Manager: MBTMGR
Boots multiple OSs, including several on one FAT partition. Download, installation documents.

Multi-booting Solaris and Other Operating Systems
Describes installing Solaris on a PC with other OSs, and joint use of Solaris boot manager and other boot loaders.

Includes boot manager functionality and boots Linux, DOS and FreeBSD via a TCP/IP network using BOOTP and TFTP.

A universal boot manager allowing selection from a number of operating systems. Includes support for booting from USB, CDROM and other devices.

SOLO: Shag/Os LOader
Boot loader for Shag/OS which also supports, Linux and other PC operating systems. Includes source.

Boot manager with support of up to 36 primary partitions,

The SysLinux Project
Home of SysLinux (floppy), PXELinux (network), ISOLinux (CD-ROM), ExtLinux (ext2/3) utilities to boot Linux kernel; MemDisk, tool to boot legacy OSs (e.g., DOS) from nontraditional media.