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Offers Windows and Mac software to record and report applications used and websites visited.

Awosoft Imonitor
An employee activity monitoring software solution.

Offers the Windows application SurfPass for Internet monitoring, access control, URL blocking, and time metering for sectors including corporate, education, and health.

Covenant Eyes
Logs clients' web usage and sends the end-user and two others a report of the sites visited and time spent online.

Developer of BrowseReporter, BrowseControl, AccessPatrol, and enPowerManager Internet filtering and security software.

Computer monitoring and Internet filtering solutions designed to increase employee productivity.

Records keystrokes typed, applications usage and internet activity on web sites and social networks.

Offers Windows and Mac software for home and office use that records applications used, websites visited, keystrokes and images viewed.

Internet filtering software to monitor and manage Internet behaviors.

Internet monitoring software for computer security.

Software that monitors and reports users activity on the internet and telephone, saving time, money, and increases productivity.

Internet usage monitoring software that captures packets sent through a network.

MySuperSpy Software
Offers a range of Windows software for monitoring computer activity, including Internet activity, in the home and office.

Application that monitors MSN and Windows Messenger chat conversations from any computer on a LAN using packet sniffing techniques. Software targeted at parents and employers.

Employee monitoring software for corporate networks.

Offers a Windows application for monitoring (and restricting) employees' activities with a focus on activities that use the Internet.

Pearl Software
Creators of Cyber Snoop and Pearl Echo - software for monitoring children's and employees' Internet use.

GURL Watcher silently records all sites visited by a computer's users.

Remotely installable software for monitoring all computer and internet activity.

Helps businesses detect rogue websites selling counterfeit merchandise.

SafeGuard Software
Safeguarding and child protection software application provides chronologies, secure data transfers and monitors specific children. Can be used in schools, colleges, nurseries and pupil referral units.

Remotely installable spy software which records user activities on your computer viewable from any Internet connected device.

Spytech Software and Design
Offers a range of monitoring software for home and office including SpyAgent and Realtime-Spy for monitoring and recording activity on a computer, including websites visited.

Internet access management software can block, filter and report on employees' Internet activity.

Offers software for businesses to track employee Internet usage.

iboss Home Parental Control Router
Offers a router-based product for the home network or the workplace that monitors Internet activity and applies customisable access controls.

Monitors your child's instant messaging, email, websites, and computer keystrokes with remote capabilities.