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BBC My Web My Way
Explains common web accessibility options on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.

Current Browsers and the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
An article by Patrick H. Lauke for the Web Standards Project, examining how well today's browsers adhere to the guidelines from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative.

Enhancing Internet Access
Touchscreen system for people with disabilities and special needs.

Fire Vox - Talking Browser Extension for Firefox
An open source suite of extensions for Firefox that make Firefox into a talking browser for the visually impaired.

Firefox Accessibar
Firefox extension that allows you to change the appearance of web pages, including zoom and colour changes, and read back web pages.

An all-in-one software package featuring a self-voicing web browser from Software Express.

Portset WebTalk Internet Browser
Portset WebTalk browser and ISP, used with KeySpeak screen reader.

System Access to Go
Online screenreader, free, available from any Internet-connected Windows machine.

The Wanna-Be Web Browser
Apple Mac text-only browser.

User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
A recommendation from the W3C for how to designing user agents to lower barriers to Web accessibility for people with disabilities.

Web browser and other related utilities for blind and visually-impaired screen-reader users.