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Software History Center
History of the software industry and the stories of its entrepreneurs and software developers. Includes lengthy software industry who's-who.

Astonishments in the history of version control
Blog post with historical highlights in software version control.

Beer and Nappies -- A Data Mining Urban Legend
Article debunking the beer-and-diapers data mining urban legend.

History of search engine vendor FAST Search & Transfer, and of a predecessor company founded by an early technical employee.

Dan Bricklin's History Section
By Dan Bricklin, co-inventor of Visicalc

DataDirect History
Official company history of the ODBC/JDBC/data connectivity pioneer variously known as Pioneer Software, Q+E Software, and DataDirect.

Enterprise Software History
Capsule histories of application software companies in sectors such as ERP, MRP, and CRM. Wiki format.

History of Computing: Software Index
Taxonomy of many kinds of software, with historical perspective.

IBM DB2's 25th Anniversary: Birth Of An Accidental Empire
Information Week article on relational DBMS history. Discusses IBM internal politics, and the cooperation between IBM and UC Berkeley researchers.

Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection
History of various IT companies, especially enterprise software vendors. Affiliated with the Computer History Museum.
Site with history of several software companies (InSystems, Powersoft, Covalent).

Outliners & Programming
Dave Winer on the history of some early personal computer software products.

PostgreSQL History Document
Capsule history of POSTGRES-related database management systems.

PowerBuilder History
Idiosyncratic history of PowerBuilder and other client/server development tools.

Powersoft History
Capsule history of PowerBuilder, with a scan of a product advertisement.

Software Memories
Historical articles about the enterprise software industry, its companies, and its pioneers.

Teradata History
Official summary company history of Teradata.

The History of Software Patents
A history of how software went from unpatentable to patentable.

The Seven Ages of Information Retrieval
Essay on the history of information retrieval and search technologies, written before the World Wide Web took off.

Tincat Group, Inc.— MultiValue Family Tree
Family tree "poster" and timeline for multivalue (PICK and U2) database management product lines.

Xconomy: The Greatest Internet Pioneers You Never Heard Of
Article about the history of Erwise, a Finnish project that anticipated the Mosaic browser.