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A Graphical Finite State Machine Editor
Qfsm is a graphical tool for designing finite state machines. Written in C++ with Qt. For Linux/Unix. GPL.

Adobe FreeHand
An award winning tool for creating illustrations and layouts for print or for the Web designs.

Celedy Software Inc.
Draw and publishing software for small businesses and home users. Tutorials, FAQs, downloads, and samples.

Create flexible vector graphics in real time, with the appearance of BMP textures, shadows, lights, transparencies, bevels, and other 3D effects. 30-day trial.

Creature House
Software developer of Expression, LivingCels, and author of Skeletal Strokes. Expression is a vector drawing program with 'Skeletal Stroke' technology which stretch or repeat across the length of a vector path to create anything from natural media brush strokes to a field of flowers.

ITEDO Software GmbH
Offers the IsoDraw and IsoView software for technical illustrations, with news, introductory information about the topic, and practical tips for illustrators.

Mayura Draw
Vector based drawing program for Windows. Export to EPS, AI, PDF, WMF, GIF, BMP, TIFF. Import AI and WMF.

Random Pattern Generator - UZII
UZII is a random pattern generator that draws various vector patterns. Provides a gallery of patterns for backgrounds.

SkechLaTeX Plugin
Plugin allows LaTeX text or equations to be inserted into a Sketch document as native text objects.

A fully functional vector-based drawing program for Unix, written in Python. Imports XFig, AI, CMX, WMF and SVG formats. Exports AI, PDF, SVG, EPS and PS formats.

Archived source and executable downloads for this Inkscape predecessor.
Animated vector graphics for .NET developers. Includes a graphics editor integrated in Visual Studio .NET.

Zoner Draw 4 is a vector graphics editor fit for all users and uses: create impressive leaflets, illustrations, business cards, letterheads, postcards, titles, maps, and greeting cards. Also produces rich Internet graphics. Download Zoner Draw's 3 for free.

ivtools Drawing Editors
Collection of free X Windows drawing editors for vector-graphics production, and a layered application framework for custom direct-manipulation graphical editors.