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A Windows equivalent of the Unix tail -f command, allowing one to view a growing file. Supports files up to 2GB.

Hanzi Chinese Tool Freeware PocketPC
Allows users to view Chinese and Pinyin characters in non-Chinese versions of Windows for PC and PocketPC. Site available in English and German.

A Java based mobile book reader that allows users to read books, or plain text files on a mobile device supporting MIDP 1.0.

Shop'NCook Reader
Views and searches through Shop'NCook cookbooks. [Win 98+, Mac OS 10.2+]

TLB Viewer
Allows a user to view COM Interfaces from a .dll, .exe, .tlb and .ocx.

Tweak PDF
Tweak the initial view of PDF document and compress PDF file.

Text file tail utility to view the last 64K of a growing text file in real time under Win32 operating systems.

A CHM file viewer for UNIX. [Open Source, GPL]