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AJ General Software
Online and downloadable calendar software.

Creates post-it notes on the Windows desktop. Organize notes by using folders, set alarm, and change color or font.

PIM with calendar, diary, organizer, and reminder. Keep track of dates, appointments, recurring events, to-do items and notes. Can also dial phone numbers stored.

Bill Minder
A monthly bill organizer spreadsheet.

Blended Technologies: Fast Job Applier
A program to help automate the job application process. You fill in a few fields and it customizes your cover letter for the job, attaches your resume, emails them off.

CDAY Calendar Almanac
Displays historical anniversaries (birthdays, events) and date in multiple calendar systems, including Gregorian, Hebrew, Mayan, Julian, JDN, and Shire (Lord of the Rings), and Great Underground Empire (Zork).

Calendar Magic
A program that compares 23 different calendar systems and other calendar related tools.

Chaos Manager
Organize your chaos. A freeware organizer with a simple and easy look and feel.

Diary and information management software combines a simple calendar with the ease of a text editor.

Einstein 2.0
Manage financial budget for income and expenses, bank accounts, loans, securities, receivables. Records, serial numbers, passwords, names, phone numbers, e-mail, addresses, and calendar.

Features calendaring, notes keeping and contacts storage. Free version available.

A note manager and planner calendar for saving notes, ideas, and scheduled events, and keeping records ordered.

Free Notes
An easy to use reminder and scheduler for Windows.

A virtual sticky notes application.

Garof Calendar
A simple calendar utility for Windows.

A plug-in that copies dates from the web or email straight into an electronic calendar, by clicking one button. You can also create events and email them to your friends.

A self-contained desktop calendar/ scheduler package. [Win32]

Kplan Personal
Free software which helps you organize your information and documents.

Small and simple Windows application to remind yourself of important yearly events like birthdays, anniversaries, renewals. Available in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

Morun: Free Sticky Notes
Create, edit and print custom sticky notes, set alarm. Maintains different security levels.

MultiError Pro
A message manager utility to create and manage notes and reminders. [Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP]

MyPhone Book Dialer
A full-featured contact manager. Store all of your contacts information in an organized database.

Combines a calendar and information manager to plan projects.

Open Contacts
Address book program with CRM features.

Power Notes
Lite and free versions can remind, organize and store all your notes and papers that you are need every day.

Skinable desktop notes to remind one of important things to do. Once on screen, stickies will remain where placed until closed, even through reboots. Support for other languages in the interface.

Task Coach
A simple and friendly task manager written in Python. [Open Source, GPL]

ToDo Manager
Small utility designed to handle task lists and is written in Python.

Total Organizer
Store your personal information divided into tags. Calendar, organizer, to-do list, notebook and contact manager software.

UT Grade
Software to organizes grades and courses. Also generates numerous statistics such as GPA, letter grade, weighted average, and deviation. Downloads, screenshots and features.

Save, organize and share favorite products, businesses, web content, emails and notes, integrates with email, email address book and web browser. [Beta]

eQdigital Software
An all-in-one clock, diary, notepad, program launcher and contact database.

An all-in-one clock, diary, notepad, program launcher and contact database.