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A few small logic games and puzzles.

A volume control application, an alarm clock, and a Microsoft Outlook winmail.dat decoder.

Cronic Downloads
A collection of screensavers, icons, cursors, and utilities.
BattleX, Codex, HTTP Debugger, Oracle Doc. Gen., Oracle, Session Man., Timex, and Toolex. [Requires JavaVM]

DVD Profiler Resource Centre
A central place to aid in easy location of 3rd party tools for Intervocative's DVD Profiler.

Free Source Codes
Offers various open source software such as an ext2 file system plugin for Windows operating systems and a 16 bit debugger.

Frettt's Freeware Archive
Quality software end users. Site available in German and English.

I-GO, a search tool, Gemini, NetCap, I-Pad, The Matrix, iTap/KeySpy, Hexar/Playcube, Texidy, and VietWrite 2002.

Gammadyne's Free Programs
Various useful Windows command line utilities.

Gizmo's Tech Support Alert
Wiki style searchable collection of freeware programs, organized by function and popularity. Includes guides and tutorials, and user contributed articles.

JAM Software: Windows and DOS utilities
System utilities including shell and DOS command replacements for windows, Excel to Latex file conversion and various system tools.

JohnGin tools
JGChRes,Fast screen resolution change, JGKillIt, terminate of application in specified time, JGZCL, change lower-case letters with upper-case letters. Available in Czech and English.

Open Source Software for Windows, Linux, and DOS.

Kirys Tech 2000
Text Editors, Developer suites, font viewers, and cpu cooling software. [Win32]

MDW OnLine
MDW Picture Viewer, Txpad Plus!, Speak text.[Win32]

Moor Computer Productions
Several free programs and games.

Oldies But Goodies Software
Freeware that has either gone to shareware status in newer versions, has turned into bloatware, is no longer available for download or is just hard to find.

A collection of useful Windows command line utilities for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. By Kilowatt Software.

Portable Freeware Utilities by Alex Nolan
Offers no-install, standalone freeware utilities, technology related articles and software guides, online tools and searchable databases..

Rico Software
Some simple games, and an equation plotter. Site in English, Spanish, and Italian.

Vicky's Cool Softwares
Various Windows software including SpeeDefrag, Mp3 Knife, Copy Cat, ShutDown After, and Be Punctual.

WhitSoft Development
Various system, image and system tray utilities.

Clock! 2, FontViewer, and File Partitioner.