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Allway Sync
Synchronizes folders and files between computers and other storage devices. License required for business use.

Open source CD and DVD burning program for Windows 9x and above. It can burn data discs, audio and video CDs and DVD-Video discs.

A personal backup program for incremental backup files to zip archives.

DVD Shrink
Enables one to make backup copies of DVDs including re-compression options to reduce movie size.

Presents this free, open source CD and DVD burning software for Windows which is also able to create disk images. Includes news, screenshots and documentation.

Lou Backup
Backup program for Visual C projects - can also be used for general-purpose folder backup.

One-click BackUp for WinRAR
Creates backups of selected files and folders using WinRAR. Supports password-protected archives, CDRW and FTP features. [Win32]

Folder synchronization tool which integrates into task scheduler, supports file filters, sub-directory selection, and auto-close of programs.

An incremental backup tool that manages scheduled backups. Site available in German and English. [Win32]

An incremental command-line archiving tool which allows backing up complete filesystem hierarchies to multiple backup media (e.g. CD-R).