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Composite Software
Provides data virtualization solutions to connect users and applications to business information from disparate systems.

Computerworld: EII
Quickstudy article from Russell Kay describing EII and why it is needed.

Web-based solution to join up multiple databases, with search, list creation, reporting and analysis tools.

EII - does it have a chance to survive?
Weblog entry from Dan Linstedt wondering if EII is just a passing fad or a long term surviving architecture.

EII Technology: Architectures, Uses, and Abuses
Weblog entry from Mark Madsen containing slides on EII technology uses and abuses.

Kinor Technologies
Kinor EII software takes data from disparate systems and aggregrates it into a knowledge grid.

MetaMatrix, Inc.
Provides a software solution designed to logically integrate all of the information assets of the enterprise.

Modus Operandi, Inc.
Provides semantic integration technology and services to address complex information integration projects.

Sybase Avaki EII
Streamlines integration of data from distributed sources while providing standardized access to integrated views of data through a single data layer.

Using Service Data Objects with Enterprise Information Integration Technology
Combining EII technology with SDO helps object-oriented programmers easily work with a wide variety of heterogeneous data sources and reduces the complexity of integrating disparate data.

Wikipedia: Enterprise Information Integration (EII)
EII challenges, standards, and uses.