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Visual dBase and InterBase WebRing
A network of related dBASE and InterBase sites within the Internet.

dBASE, Inc.
dBASE, Inc. publishes dBASE Plus which combines in one package interactive data management with rapid desktop and web-based application development. Their products and the dBASE Language (dBL) are supported by online resources and news groups.

Christopher F. Neumann
Visual dBase/dBase Plus frontend developer/programmer. Backend databases include dBase, Oracle, DB2, InterBase, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access.

Ken Mayer's dBASE Page
Ken Mayer has been active for years in the dBASE community. He oversees the dBASE Users' Function Library Project (dUFLP) which is a broad range of useful functions and classes for dBL developers. Ken Mayer has numerous other samples of source code to share, as well as tutorials.

dBASE Developers Bulletin (dBulletin)
This free electronic magazine is aimed at helping dBASE developers and promoting dBASE technology. It contains a mixture of articles suited to novice and advanced programmers.

dBASE Hosting Index
dBASE developers can find or register ISPs and web hosting companies that support dBASE web applications and database environments.

dBASE utilities by Geert Geerits
Free dBASE utilities to download.