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Offers a solution for comparing, synchronizing, replicating and converting data and database structure between ODBC enabled databases. Trial downloads, ordering information and online documentation.

Provides real-time data replication and data integration using snapshot, incremental and synchronization replication. Datasheets, knowledge base, frequently asked questions and customer portal.

Provides a full range of database replication options across a multiple database management systems. Downloads, documentation and support.

Free replication tools for the FireBird database. Online manuals and source code documentation.

HVR Software bv
Realtime data integration solutions. Oracle to SQL Server replication.

Middleware-based Database Replication: The Gaps Between Theory and Practice
Academic paper describing database replication models, challenges, performance issues and scenarios in practice.

Multi-Master Replication Challenges
Describes the difficulties encountered in a mult-master replication scenario from an Oracle point of view.

Multi-master Replication Overview
Describing methods of replication, including details of implementations in popular databases and middleware solutions.

A middleware that works between PostgreSQL servers and a PostgreSQL database client and provides connection pooling, replication, load balancing and parallel queries. Online installation instructions and documentation.

An extension to the relational database system PostgreSQL providing efficient, fast and consistent database replication.

Shadowbase Products
Software for uni-directional and bi-directional database replication between homogeneous or heterogeneous databases. Supports data transformation and flexible mapping. Sales literature, contact and evaluation information.