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Aia Software
Offers companies and software houses software tools and support to apply high-quality document and e-document production facilities.

Integrates structured and unstructured data from spreadsheets, databases, and the web.

Arbutus Software
Provides a flexible solution for accessing and integrating all types of complex mainframe data. LegacyLink exposes all flat files, VSAM, IMS and DB2 data sources as a virtual RDBMS.

Provider of technology solutions for integrating disparate data sources, legacy and mainframe applications enabling real-time access to the enterprise.

Aurora Information Systems
Middleware white paper series dealing extensively with BEA Tuxedo, BEA Weblogic, and Oracle.

Automation Technology, Inc.
Provider of software development kits for ODBC drivers and OLE DB providers.

CONNX Solutions
Provides secure real-time read/write .NET, ODBC, OLEDB, and JDBC access to several mainframe databases.

Provides software solutions in the areas of middleware development, data warehousing and application development.

An XML based data exchange middleware server with integrated business rules engine. It is platform independent and can communicate with multiple platforms and diverse distributed data sources.

Fetch Technologies
Provides a platform for extracting and integrating information from multiple web sources, and transforming the data into a form that is useful for business applications.

HiT Software, Inc.
Develops real-time data replication, XML-to-database transformations, and high-performance IBM DB2 and AS/400 database connectivity for ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC and .NET applications.

IDS Software
Offers high-performance, multi-tier and secure JDBC driver and .NET data provider solutions for Web-based Java and .NET database applications, applets and servlets.

Integral Software Systems
Developer and supplier of integrated and cost-effective Enterprise Data Access and Integration software.

ODBC driver for DataEase databases.

Lixto Software
Supplier of Web data extraction software and services to feed databases and enterprise systems with structured data extracted from Web pages.

MojoCommerce LLC
Creators of xmlsage, MatriXML, and SPL Server, is a leader in web-based structured product labeling and XML regulatory compliance software and services.

Nodus Technologies
A provider of integrated payment processing solutions. Enables organizations to achieve end-to-end connectivity by seamlessly integrating front and back office business applications.

Offers RemoteDB Gateway, a product providing remote access to ODBC data sources.

OTC Migrator
Offers efficient CA-Clipper RDD drivers for Oracle, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2 and Sybase SQL Anywhere.

OpenLink Software
A provider of high-performance drivers for ODBC, JDBC, and OLE DB.

Highly distributed enterprise service bus (ESB).

Pluggers Software
Creates world-class developer tools and database access plug-ins for the 4th Dimension programming language.

Data conversion software for a wide range of data access technologies

Progress DataDirect
Offers ODBC, JDBC, ADO and XML data access with Connect database drivers and SequeLink server based enterprise middleware.

Developers of Panther, a middleware development tool.

SQL Script Builder
Creates database SQL scripts from any ODBC data source. Scripts are available in 5 output formats: MySql, MS SQL, Oracle, Pervasive and PostgreSQL.

Real-time SQL extension which enables multiple client connection to a MySQL database with soft real-time provisions like priorities and timing measurements.

Simba Technologies Inc.
Offers an SDK for ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB Driver development with full SQL functionality. Also offers a toolkit for OLAP, ODBO and XMLA Provider development with full MDX engine.

SkyHawk Systems
Provides database middleware software for transforming and moving data from XML documents into relational databases. A free JDBC driver is included for use with this software.

StarQuest Ventures, Inc.
Specializes in data access and data replication from DB2 databases to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases.

TSG Software Ltd
Distributors of middleware software and tools for management, monitoring, security, 4GL, and conversion since 1986.

Trifox, Inc.
Develops, sells, and supports database applications and communication software including TRIM, DesignVision, and VORTEX.

Xbridge Host Data Connect
Enables you to directly access OS/390 mainframe data and see that data in the format of the requesting application (e.g., Excel), all in real-time.

Provide enterprise information integration and data warehousing solutions with virtual grid database technology.

Specializes in enterprise application integration, health level 7 messaging and decision support intelligence solutions to the healthcare industry.