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Bugtraq Moderated by Security Focus
Bugtraq mailing list archives of UNIX, NT, Win95, Novell, and Mac, bugs and exploits.

Computer Forensics Training Mailing List
Computer Forensics and incident response mailing list

Computer crimes and related arrests are the focus of these mail alerts. Subscribers can receive 5-20 messages per week as news breaks.

Debian GNU/Linux -- Mailing List Subscription
Security mailing lists that deal with Debian Linux security issues, specifically the debian-security-announce and debian-security lists.

Der Keiler
Searchable real-time updated archive of major security lists and newsgroups, including Cert, Securiteam, Linuxsecurity, VulnWatch, Full-Disclosure, Bugtraq, Incidents, Securityfocus, and several Usenet groups.

FreeBSD Resources
Mailing lists pertaining to FreeBSD. freebsd-security and freebsd-security-notifications are sources of official FreeBSD specific notifications.

ISO17799 & ISO27001 News
News, background and updates on these international security standards.

IWS INFOCON Mailing List
The INFOCON mailing list is devoted to the discussion of cyberthreats and all aspects of information operations, including offensive and defensive information warfare, information assurance, psychological operations, electronic warfare, ....

Microsoft TechNet Security - Product Security Notification
Microsoft techNet Security - Product Security Notification. Instructions on how to join the mailing list for Product Security bulletins notification.

Moderated Firewall and Security Mailing List
Firewall-wizards is a high-quality fully moderated firewall and security mailing list.

Risks Digest
Forum on risks to the public in computers and related systems.

SCADA Security List
Mailing list concerning DCS and SCADA Security

Macintosh security mailing list for advisories, patches, and alerts.

SecuriTeam Mailing Lists
Location of various security mailing lists pertaining to exploits, hacking tools, and others.

The 'Security Digest' Archives
Dedicated to the history of the early 'Security Digest' archives, from the Unix 'Security Mailing List', through the Zardoz 'Security Digest' to the Core 'Security List'.