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APT detection system using honeypots
APT detection system using honeypots

An Evening with Berferd
A hacker is lured, endured, and studied. One of the first examples of a honeypot. First published in 1992.

Anton Chuvakin Honeynet
Live honeynet status data, papers produced as a result of research, and other related resources.

A program that acts as a honeypot for spammers who use spambots to harvest email addresses from Web sites.

Building a GenII Honeynet Gateway
A short guide to build a GenII Honeynet Gateway, also called a Honeywall, under Linux, broaching the most common problems and providing several solutions and tips.

A high interaction client honeypot. A client honeypot is a security technology that allows one to find malicious servers on a network.

Deception ToolKit (DTK)
A toolkit designed to make it appear to attackers as if the system running DTK has a large number of widely known vulnerabilities.

Deploying and Using Sinkholes
Sink Holes - an ISP Security Tool

Dynamic Honeypots
Honeypots that dynamically learn your network then deploy virtual honeypots that adapt to your network.

Fighting Internet Worms With Honeypots
This paper evaluates the usefulness of using honeypots to fight Internet worms and perform counterattacks.

For Stronger Password Security, Try a Spoonful of Honeywords
Describing new scheme of password protection called honeywords.

Glastopf Honeypot Project Page
Glastopf is a small Python webserver which emulates thousands of web application vulnerabilities.

Google Hack Honeypot (GHH)
Emulates a vulnerable web application by allowing itself to be indexed by search engines. Project information and free download.

A free windows based medium interaction honeypot solution.

HoneyC Low-Interaction Client Honeypot
A platform independent low interaction client honeypot that allows identify rogue servers on the web.

HoneyDrive Desktop
A virtual appliance containing various honeypot software packages.

HoneyDrive | Free software downloads at
Premiere honeypot bundle distro.

HoneySink: Beta Release | The Honeynet Project
HoneySink is an open source network sinkhole that provides a mechanism for detection and prevention of malicious traffic on a given network.

A tool for semi-automatically creating emulators of network server applications.

A system for automated generation of signatures for network intrusion detection systems (NIDSs).

Small daemon that creates virtual hosts on a network (honeypot). Can be used as a virtual honeynet, for network monitoring, or as a spam trap. For *BSD, GNU/Linux, and Solaris.

Honeyd Control Center
Honeyd configuration wizard, a SQL Interface, and reports. Tracking Botnets
Paper on the use of honeynets to learn more about botnets. Covers uses of botnets, how they work and how to track them.

Honeypot (computing) - Wikipedia
Brief encyclopedia article describing Honeypots.

Honeypot + Honeypot = Honeynet
Article discussing the creation of the Honeynet Project.

Information covering intrusion detection and prevention systems, research and production honeypots, and incident handling. Also provides general overview of network security issues.

Honeypots: A Security Manager's Guide to Honeypots
A discussion by Stephen Northcutt and Eric Cole, SANS Technology Institute, on the values and risks of deploying honeypots in one's organization.

Honeypots: Monitoring and Forensics Project
Techniques, tools and resources for conducting Honeypot Research and Forensic Investigation. White papers include monitoring VMware honeypots, apache web server honeypots, and VMware honeypot forensics.

Honeytokens -The Other Honeypot
This paper discusses honeytokens, honeypots that are not computers, but rather digital entities that are stored in a restricted part of the network.

The Honeywall CDROM is a bootable CD that installs onto a hard drive and comes with all the tools and functionality for you to implement data capture, control and analysis.

Honeywall CDROM
A honeynet gateway on a bootable CDROM.

Honeywords: Making Password-Cracking Detectable
Research paper suggesting a simple method for improving the security of hashed passwords: the maintenance of additional \honeywords" (false passwords) associated with each user's account.

Impost can either act as a honey pot and take orders from a Perl script controlling how it responds and communicates with connecting clients; or it can operate as a packet sniffer and monitor incoming data to specified destination port supplied by the command-line arguments (pre-release version available).

KeyFocus - KF Sensor - Honey pot IDS
A Windows honeypot designed to attract and detect hackers by simulating vulnerable system services and trojans.

Know Your Enemy
A series of white papers describing the concepts and technology of the Honeynet Project and Research Alliance and sharing lessons learned.

Know Your Enemy: GenII Honeynets
An Introduction to second generation honeynets (honeywalls).

Know your Enemy: Phishing
This white paper aims to provide practical information on the practice of phishing and draws on data collected by the German Honeynet Project and UK Honeynet Project.

LaBrea Tarpit
A program that creates a tarpit or, as some have called it, a "sticky honeypot".

Medium Interaction Honeypots
Document outlines the weaknesses of different existing approaches to catch malware – especially bots – and shows how Medium Interaction Honeypots solves these problems.

European Network of Affiliated Honeypots.

Open Proxy Honeypot
Web Application Security Consortium Distributed Open Proxy Honeypot Project.

Problems and Challenges with Honeypots
Article discussing issues with Honeypot technology, focusing on dealing with the possibility of your Honeypot being detected (and potentially abused) by an attacker.

SCADA HoneyNet Project
SCADA HoneyNet Project: Building Honeypots for Industrial Networks (SCADA, DCS, and PLC architectures).

SecurityFocus: Defeating Honeypots - Network issues, Part 1
Article discussing methods hackers use to detect honeypots.

SecurityFocus: Defeating Honeypots: System Issues, Part 1
This two-part paper discusses how hackers discover, interact with, and sometimes disable honeypots at the system level and the application layer.

SecurityFocus: Honeypot Farms
This article is about deploying and managing honeypots in large, distributed environments through the use of Honeypot Farms.

Securityfocus: Fighting Spammers With Honeypots
This paper evaluates the usefulness of using honeypots to fight spammers. Project - HoneyView
A tool to analyze honeyd-logfiles of the honeyd-daemon. Generates graphical and textual results from queries against the logfile data.

Website set up to deliver almost infinite numbers of bogus email addresses to email harvesting bots.

Spanish Honeynet Project
Independent non-profit research organization of security professionals dedicated to information security focused on honeynet technologies.

Sweet Password Security Strategy: Honeywords - Security - Intrusion
To improve detection of database breaches, businesses should store multiple fake passwords and monitor attempts to use them, according to researchers at security firm RSA.

Sysenter Honeynet Project
A volunteer no-profit research organization. Aim is to provide information about emerging security threats and vulnerabilities active in the wild in order to learn tools, tactics, and motives of the blackhat community and to share such information with IT community in order to improve the security of the Internet.

The Bait and Switch Honeypot System
A system that redirects all hostile traffic from your production systems to a honeypot that is a partial mirror of your production system. Once switched, the would-be hacker is unknowingly attacking your honeypot instead of the real data.

The Strider HoneyMonkey Project
Microsoft Research project to detect and analyze Web sites hosting malicious code using client-side honeypots.

The Team Cymru Darknet Project
A Darknet is a portion of routed, allocated IP space in which no active services or servers seemingly reside. However, there is in fact include at least one server for real-time analysis or post-event network forensics.

Thug low-interaction honeyclient
A Python low-interaction honeyclient aimed at mimicing the behavior of a web browser in order to detect and emulate malicious contents

Tiny Honeypot (thp)
A simple honey pot program based on iptables redirects and an xinetd listener.

UK Honeynet Project
Provides information surrounding security threats and vulnerabilities active in the wild on UK networks. Home of Honeysnap, tool to analyse Honeywall pcap files and extract summary information.

Valhala Honeypot | Free System Administration software downloads at
A honeypot for the Windows System with http (web), ftp, tftp, finger, pop3 enabled

WebMaven (Buggy Bank)
WebMaven is an intentionally broken web application. It is intended to be used in a safe legal environment (your own host) as a training tool, as a basic benchmark platform to test web application security scanners and as a Honeypot.

Wikipedia: Client Honeypot
Encyclopedia article about the security devices, including several examples.

Wireless Honeypots
Article discussing the use of honeypot technology to combat attacks on wireless networks.

kippo - SSH Honeypot - Google Project Hosting
A medium interaction SSH honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and, most importantly, the entire shell interaction performed by the attacker.

A collection of programs to deploy, run and analyse network and host simulations in IP networks.

webhoneypot - Web Application Honeypot - Google Project Hosting
Dshield web honeypot