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Combination and Implementation of Processes and Data: from CSP-OZ to Java
Ph.D. thesis, University of Oldenburg, 2000. PostScript file.

Community Z Tools Initiative: CZT
Proposed to Z community, now under discussion. Mail list archive, proposals, comments, responses.

Official page. C++ class library, basis of three tools: Moby/PLC, Moby/SDL, and Moby/OZ graphical editor to build specifications in Z/Object-Z, allows structured development via hierarchy concepts, handles many text formats.

Standard for Z Notation
International Z Notation standardization effort finished in 2002 and yielded The ISO/IEC Z Standard. Brief description, links to ISO, panel members, meeting minutes, FAQ, committee drafts.

Timed Communicating Object-Z integrates Object-Z and Timed CSP, for modeling state, concurrent events, real-time behavior, and structuring and decomposing systems to control complexity. Description, publications, book list.