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CodeMorphis Synopsis
A visual programming tool quickly build software applications by dragging and dropping icons that represent software components. [Commercial]

Cycling '74
Sells Max/MSP and Jitter, a family of interactive graphical dataflow programming environments for audio, video, and graphical processing.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ
From comp.lang.visual newsgroup.

Journal of Visual Languages and Computing
Bimonthly journal on promoting visual languages, and on their implications for computing.

Khoral Research, Inc.: KRI
Makes Khoros/Cantata visual dataflow programming language: rapid prototyping and cradle-to-grave software development, in a high productivity, integrated software systems environment.

Longflow Enterprises Ltd.
Makes Limnor general purpose codeless programming platform and development environment, based on prebuilt components, object-oriented; supports functional programming, ActiveX, C#, .NET, Visual Basic. Needs Windows XP and above.

A visual programming tool designated for easy and quick creation of applications for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. By Gemtree Software.

ResearchIndex: Viz: A Visualization Programming System
Describes design, implementation of high level visualization programming system, created from a need to support rapid visual prototyping in an environment that can be extended by abstractions in the application problem domain.

Experimental language to simplify application programming, based on copying (copied blocks are first class prototypes), live executable text, programming by example, prototypes. Description, FAQ, OOPSLA research paper, no download yet.

Subtext: Alarming Development
Weblog for Subtext language. Polite discussion and debate on new programming models to simplify application programming.

Tersus Open Source Visual Programming Platform
Make web applications by drawing flow diagrams instead of writing code; based on AJAX, one language for user interface, client side behavior, server side processing; descriptions, documents, forum, downloads.

Visual Language Research Bibliography
Large, well structured bibliography of papers on visual language research, also has brief list of links to other visual language related research resources.

Visual Languages for Knowledge Representation
Study of visual languages, mainly concept map-based languages; multiple representations. Broader interest than programming only. Many references.

Visual Programming Language
Brief, clear definition, explanation. [Wikipedia]