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Dynamic Object Aggregations
An article about the usage of dynamic object aggregations as a foundation for composition.

Enhancing Object-Based System Composition through Per-Object Mixins
The paper introduces per-object mixins as a new object-level language construct for object-based system composition. Per-object mixins are implemented in the scripting language XOTCL as a straightforward extension of its method chaining mechanism and enables the developer to mix classes into the precedence order of an arbitrary object.

Article by Gustaf Neumann and Uwe Zdun about filters as a language support for design patterns in object-oriented scripting languages.

XOTcl: Extended Object Tcl
Official home page. Information, history, source and binary downloads, publications.

XOTcl Integrated development environment, inspired by Smalltalk programming environments: syntax highlight and checking, version control, test framework. [Open source, GPL]