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AMAST 2000
Algebraic Methodology And Software Technology conference: online proceedings and all papers, in .pdf format, abstracts in HTML.

Goal: consolidate, integrate theoretical basis of algebraic specification methods and apply it to software. The algebraic approach supports precise specification of semantics of generic reusable system components, providing formal conceptual basis for stepwise, correct development.

Formal Methods Europe
An organisation with the mission of promoting and supporting the industrial use of formal methods for computer systems development. The site contains information on formal methods and on FME itself.

HasCASL DFG Project
Algebraic Specification + Functional Programming = Environment for Formal Software Development. An extension of CASL that establishes a connection with the functional programming language Haskell.

Deduction oriented Development of Specifications: language designed for modularizing large projects. Complex specifications can be hierarchically structured by combining specifications with renaming and hiding. Powerful enough to express implementation of specifications via more primitive specifications.

ResearchIndex: Proof Theoretic Approach To Specification Languages
Thesis studies FORUM as specification language. FORUM is a higher order logic based on the logical connectives of Linear Logic. Initial example demonstrates that FORUM is well suited to specify concurrent computations by specifying the higher order calculus.

ResearchIndex: Structure-preserving specification languages for knowledge-based systems
Much work on validation and verification of knowledge based systems (KBSs) has been done in implementation languages, mostly rule based. Recent papers suggest it is useful to do validation and verification in a more abstract and formal specification of the system.

StateWORKS Studio
Professional software specification environment based on finite state machine (FSM) concept. Contains FSM editor, simulator, monitoring and debugging tools. Allows to build complex FSM systems. For WindowsNT/2000/XP operating systems.

A lightweight, systematic method for finite state machine specification: a tool includes interactive checking and a kind of spreadsheet for invariants; it also supports decision tables and combinatorial completion.