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Tool for automatic restructuring (refactoring) of Self inheritance hierarchies. Such tools are most useful with OO languages, more so prototype-based. Brief description, example diagram, links. [Open Source, GPL]

Guru: SourceForge
Project page: downloads, forums, statistics.

Hello, World program

Merlintec Computadores Ltda: Merlin Computers
Brazilian firm founded to advance Self language, Self-R OS, and computers using Self. News, company information, products, technology. Sponsors of SelFest 2000, São Carlos, Brazil. English, Português.

Self on Linux
Port of Self language from SunOS to i386+ PCs: Linux, and Smalltalk/V for Windows 2.0; descriptions, downloads, links. [Open Source, GPL]

The Slate Programming Language
Brief article related to developers, announcements, and programming; many forum comments. [Slashdot]

Yahoo Groups: Self-interest
Mail list and archive for discussing Self programming language.

Extension to the delegation and prototype-based object-oriented language Self, adds distributed objects and transparent remote reference resolution to the languages, so it facilitates distributed inheritance and instantiation mechanisms.

dSelf: A Distributed Self
Extension to delegation and prototype-based object-oriented language Self: adds distributed objects, transparent remote reference resolution, thus facilitating distributed inheritance and instantiation mechanisms. [ResearchIndex]