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Bytesmiths Smalltalk Information
Much Smalltalk information: full text of many publications and tutorial slides; description of a suite of team productivity tools for VisualWorks Smalltalk and ENVY/Developer, The Bytesmiths Toolkit; information on Smalltalk consulting services. One of the Web's earliest Smalltalk sites: begun 1994.

Hello, World program

Instantiations, Inc.
Smalltalk consulting, and products: information, literature, related links, purchase details, downloads, and free products.

Monty Kamath's GoodStart: Smalltalk Information
News, who uses it, dialects, tutorials, FAQs, books, links, great questions, polls, jobs, recruiters, interview jeopardy. Smalltalk's unofficial home.

Smalltalk Industry Council (STIC)
Provides a cross-vendor view of the Smalltalk industry. Events, information, vendors. News RSS.

Smalltalk Solutions 2001 Trip Report
Diverse opinions and debate, many useful points on Squeak, VisualAge, Dolphin, refactoring, Extreme Programming, Java, LISP, and Objective-C. [Slashdot]
New, one-stop source for Smalltalk links and information.

Thin Air
Weblog by Smalltalk programmer, uses mostly VisualWorks, Squeak, many topics covered.

Webopedia: Smalltalk
Briefly defines term, lists several good links for more information.