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Announcing - Sisal Scientific Computing Initiative
From comp.compilers newsgroup.

From a Formal Dynamic Semantics of Sisal to a Sisal Environment
By I. Attali, D. Caromel, A.L. Wendelborn. Abstract and article, PDF file.

SAC: Single Assignment C
Strict pure functional compiled language, C-like syntax. Design focus: numerical applications, emphasizing efficient support of array processing. Official SISAL successor.

Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]

Sisal Lives
Project for a moderately reworked Sisal frontend.

Sisal Parallel Programming
Optimizing Sisal compiler (sisalc) works atop pthreads for high performance on commodity SMP architectures. []

Sisal: A Safe and Efficient Language for Numerical Calculations
Article shows benefits of Sisal with call to action. By Dave Raymond. [Linux Journal]

The Sisal Model of Functional Programming and its Implementation
Article by Jean-Luc Gaudiot, Tom DeBoni, John Feo, Wim Böhm, Walid Najjar and Patrick Miller. Abstract and article in PDF-file.

A simple single assignment language Single assignment languages are a kind of "functional" language where the parallelism is easy to discover. mySAL is a relative of SISAL, and old and distinguished SAL.