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An Overview of the PL.8 Compiler
Description of the internal operation of the IBM PL.8 compiler by Marc Auslander and Martin Hopkins.

Dave Bodenstab's Home Page
The XPL compiler and supporting programs, ported to FreeBSD on an Intel 486.

Guide to PL/S II
IBM manual describing the syntax of the PL/S Language.

PL-6 manual : CP-6 Introduction to PL-6
A beginner's guide to the PL-6 programming language (1988).

PLUM: The University of Maryland PL/1 System
Description of the structure of the PLUM compiler and runtime memory layout.

Space Shuttle Computers
HAL/S compiler system specification, manuals, language specification, programmer's guide, and HAL/S-FC users' manual.

The GNU 64-bit PL8 compiler
IBM research report describing the extension of PL8 to support 64-bit addressing, its implementation as a GCC front end, and the validation of the new compiler. Evaluation of PL8 as a language for highly reliable low-level programming.

Wikipedia: HAL/S
Description of the design goals, syntax, and data types of HAL//S.

Wikipedia: PL/S
Brief history of PL/S with links to documentation.

Wikipedia: SabreTalk
Encyclopedia article with brief description, history, and example of SabreTalk.

Wikipedia: XPL
Encyclopedia article containing brief history of XPL, references, and bibliography.

XPL Programming Language
One of the original "compiler compilers", XPL is a derivative of PL/I and was widely ported. Documentation, links, and resources.