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Algebraic Operational Semantics and Occam
Article by Yuri Gurevich, Lawrence S. Moss.

An occam2 To Modula-3 Translator

Correctness of Compiling Occam to Transputer Code
Article by Egon Borger, Igor Durdanovic.

Hello, World program
Example simple Occam program.

Introduction to the Programming Language Occam
By Dan Hyde; Bucknell University, 1995. History, explanations, code samples.

Occam-pi and KRoC: Blending CSP and the Pi-calculus
Resources for occam-pi and KRoC: Kent Retargetable occam(-pi) Compiler: descriptions, news, download, documentation, bugs, coming-soon, publications, links. [Open Source, GPL, LGPL]

Programming in Occam
By Geraint Jones; Prentice Hall, 1987, ISBN 0137297734; Web edition 2001. Introductory textbook.

Programming in Occam 2
By Geraint Jones, Michael Goldsmith; Prentice Hall, 1988, ISBN 0137303343; Web edition 2001. Introductory textbook.

Small, portable (strict ANSI C) runtime for occam; extensible, concise, reliable virtual machine to execute Transputer bytecode; even on LEGO Mindstorms. Written in Scheme, rewritten in C.

WoTUG: occam
Compilers, book references, online copies of manuals, a couple of examples, utilities, and information on Occam.

occam (programming language) - Wikipedia
Overview article with code examples, version history and examples.