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Berkeley Logo
Downloadable Logo books and free UCBLogo (Berkeley Logo); links to other Logo versions. Brian Harvey.

Imagine Logo
A multimedia version of SuperLogo, designed for ease of use by children. Can save projects to the web or as standalone .exe programs. Logotron Ltd.

Imagine Logo (Secondary)
Offers web integration, powerful animation and multimedia capability. Logotron Ltd.

Logo-inspired open-source translatable programming environment for the KDE Desktop. Cies Breijs.

Logo interpreter for .NET that compiles to EXE or dynamically loadable DLL; compatible with UCB Logo. Leonel Laske. [Open Source, GPL]

Simplified syntax Logo, can draw complex graphics with a few lines of code. Runs in graphical environment (Linux X11, Windows); has own editor; coded in C++. [Open Source, GPL]

Object Oriented Programming extensions
For MSWLogo or UCBLogo. P. A. Dreyfuss.

Specialized Logo version which lets you to control thousands of graphic turtles in parallel, which can be programmed to react to their environment. MIT.

An extended version of StarLogo 2.0.4 for the Macintosh is available for download. Also projects, documentation, models, links and resources. MIT.

Terrapin Tools for Thinking
Logo software for home and schools, including Terrapin Logo, Kinderlogo, Crystal Rain Forest, turtle robots, support for Lego's Mindstorm RCX Robotic kit; also Logo projects, tips, lessons, other resources.

Simple Logo-based language with turtle graphics designed for 3Com Palm systems. Version 1.1 (1999), includes documentation. Timothy Lipitz.

Turbo Turtle
A high performance open source Logo compiler designed for animations, using OpenGL. Includes demo Logo programs for Linux and Windows. Richard Goedeken.

TurtleTracks Logo
Versions for Java, J# for .NET, partial on-going port to C# using MS JLCA: Java Language Conversion Assistant. Downloads, documents.

A logo learning and drawing application written in Objective-C for Mac OS X. [Open source, BSD License] Jeff Skrysak.

Yellow Brick Logo
MIT Yellow Brick Logo (MIT-YBL) is an implementation of the Logo language for the LEGO RCX Brick. Includes: An MIT-written replacement for the firmware operating system that is loaded into the RCX Brick, and Software that runs on a Macintosh or Windows 95/98 computer to implement a text-based Logo interface to the RCX Brick.