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The official language homepage, with source code, binaries, documentation, community links, news, and wiki.

An online learning resource for the Clojure language, enabling users to try over 150 problems of various difficulty at their own pace, and share solutions with other learners.

Clojure Cookbook
The free/open-source home of O'Reilly's Clojure Cookbook, with all code and most text from the printed book.

Clojure for the Brave and True
A free, extensive online book for newcomers to the Clojure language.

A community-powered repository of documentation and examples for the Clojure programming language. Includes a quick reference for the Core language, as well as documentation for the community-provided Contrib libraries.

Grimoire - Community Clojure Documentation
An online dynamic cheatsheet for the Clojure language, including search and examples.

An R-like platform for statistical computing and graphics using Clojure. Software, documentation, tutorials, and community links are provided.

Learn Clojure
An organized collection of learning resources for Clojure, including instructions for development environment setup, videos, tutorials, books, and community links.

Planet Clojure
Provides a current, aggregated feed of Clojure content from the language's contributors and programmers.

The Clojure Toolbox
A categorised listing/directory of libraries and tools for the Clojure programming language.

Try Clojure
Provides an interactive Clojure shell via your web browser, to try out the language with immediate feedback.