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Shading Languages
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DirectX using C# and HLSL
Tutorial on using HLSL with C#. Includes an overview, code samples and screen shots.

Generating Shaders From HLSL Fragments
Demonstrates shader permutations based on fragments of shader code. Includes resulting assembler code.

HLSL Introduction
Chang Li's overview of HLSL. Includes code samples and screen shots of common shader operations.

HLSL Reference
Microsoft's documentation on using HLSL. Includes an overview, tutorials, sample code and debugging tips.

HLSL Workshop
Microsoft's overview on using HLSL. Includes tutorials and examples for lighting, texture mapping, and animation.

Ohloh: Brahma Project
Brahma's open source project for abstracting HLSL on .NET/C# - project history. Includes links to source code and examples.

Xbox 360 - HLSL Attributes
Microsoft documentation on using HLSL with Xbox 360. Explains conditionals and flow control: branching, looping and optimization.