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GLSL - An Introduction
A quick introduction to GLSL, including code snippets for common shader operations.

GLSL Quick Reference Guide
Chart listing standard GLSL variables and constants.

GLSL Shaders - Introduction
Primer for using GLSL. Includes a gallery and sample code for a fractal noise generator.

GLSL Tutorial
Primer for GLSL beginners: pipeline diagrams, documentation and sample code.

NVIDIA SDK 9.51 Code Samples
nVidia's OpenGL SDK. Includes code, Windows binaries and rendered examples of GLSL.

OpenGL Shading Language Tutorials and Demos
ClockworkCoders's guide to GLSL. Includes a gallery, sample code, tips and tricks.

The Art of Texturing Using The OpenGL Shading Language
oZone3D's tutorials for using GLSL for dynamic texturing. Includes environment mapping, glass mapping and alpha mapping.

The OpenGL Shading Language Specification
Detailed documentation on the GLSL language. Includes standard variables, constants and functions.

Wikipedia: GLSL
A brief history, list of GLSL datatypes and explanation of variable types.