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Fortran 66 Standard
Scanned copy of the ANSI document.

Fortran 77
A brief history of Fortran 77 with some links.

Fortran I
Images from and discussion of the first Fortran manual, published in October 1956.

Fortran II manual
Manual for the 1958 version of Fortran created by IBM.

Fortran Programming -- The Early Turning Point
Chapter Excerpt from "Go To: The Story of the Math Majors, Bridge Players, Engineers, Chess Wizards, Maverick Scientists, and Iconoclasts" by Steve Lohr, discussing the early history of Fortran.

Fortran Versions
A brief history of Fortran versions 1 to Fortran 95.

Fortran: The First Successful High Level Programming Language
Short essay by Mary Bellis, part of the "Inventors of the Modern Computer Series" series.

Pilot project of the Computer History Museum's Software Collection Committee to develop expertise in the collection, preservation, and presentation of historic software. The specific goal of this project was to locate source code, design documents, and other materials concerning the original IBM 704 FORTRAN compiler.

IBM 704 Fortran Manual
Manual for the first version of Fortran (1956).

The Fortran (Not the Foresight) Saga
An essay by Brian Meek which documents the creation of the Fortran 90 standard.

Wikipedia: Fortran
An encyclopedia description of Fortran history with many links to programming terms.