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Open Source Erlang
By Ericsson Computer Science Laboratory, soft realtime, declarative, functional language for concurrent, distributed systems. Compiles to BSD, Linux, Solaris, VxWorks, Windows. Descriptions, documents, links, projects: Ericsson, user. [Open Source, Erlang Public License]

Ericsson Erlang/OTP
Commercial support for Erlang/OTP (Open Telecom Platform) under Solaris, NT, and VxWorks.

Erlang Forum
Erlang Forums used from discussions on Erlang, OTP, and aspects of concurrent functional programming.

Erlang Programming Language
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]

Erlang Service Architectures
A White Paper comparing the architecture of web applications written in Erlang with those using the Open Source LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL/Postgres, Perl/Python/PHP/Ruby) and an enterprise Java stack.

Trap Exit
A one-stop place where to find Erlang information, including forums, documentation, tutorials and chats.