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Berend de Boer Page
Develops e-POSIX, full Eiffel to POSIX binding; much information on other languages.

Bertrand Meyer's ETH Page
Eiffel's creator: overview, current, research, positions and projects, courses, publications, work in progress, non-ETH, personal, contact; innovative introductory programming textbook, Touch of Class, uses Inside-out teaching progression.

Eiffel Parser for SNiFF+
Freeware add-on to make SNiFF+ an Eiffel IDE.

Community site for Eiffel language users: articles, libraries, tools, packages, blogs, polls, glossary, FAQ, links.

Links, technical information about Eiffel standardization and available compilers and libraries, and Gobo Eiffel Project to promote free and portable tools and libraries. [Open Source]

Hello, World program

Team Eiffel
Weblog; updated often, many contributors; maybe the most active Eiffel website.

Trusted Components Initiative
Cooperative effort to advance the success of the software industry via Component-Based Development, enforcing the highest standards through systematic techniques for component quality.

Webopedia: Eiffel
Defines the term 'Eiffel', lists some links where you can find more information. Concise.

Wikipedia: Eiffel Programming Language
Online encyclopedia article, including detailed information on syntax and semantics.