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Dictionary of Programming Languages
Compendium of computer coding methods assembled to provide information and aid appreciation for computer science history.

Language list
Alphabetical annotated list of programming languages.

Programming Languages
Describes major classes of languages, major languages within those classes, and many helpful links.

Programming Languages
For those who think the world begins and ends with C++ or Java, here's an incomplete list of languages with descriptions.

Ron Heuse
Collected information on approximately 2350 computer programming languages, including timeline.

SAL - Languages and Compilers
Big collection programming language implementations.

Web Programming Languages
Surveys current and planned languages and interfaces for developing World Wide Web based applications; prefaced by discussion of traits of such languages.

Wouter's Programming Language Page
Chronological historical overview of all languages author has designed, and sometimes implemented, over the years. Some of them (E, False, Bla, Aardappel, SHEEP) have own pages. Descriptions, some code samples, a few images.