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Bell Labs and CSP Threads
Resources about threaded programming in the Bell Labs CSP style, by Russ Cox: history, principles and style of concurrent programming practiced at Bell Labs.

Concurrent, time-based, on-the-fly, audio programming language, supports precise, fundamental level of expressiveness, multiple, simultaneous, dynamic control rates, ability to add, remove, modify code as programs run.

Comega: Cω
C# extension, in two areas: Control flow extension for asynchronous wide area concurrency (was Polyphonic C#); Data type extension for XML and table manipulation (was Xen and X#).

One of a family of synchronous languages which are particularly well-suited to programming reactive systems, including real-time systems and control automata.

FT Languages Page
Fault-tolerant projects, goal: enhance language support for distributed programs with FT needs, most high-level languages lack good support for such, more so at system level; 3 projects described, FT-SR, FT-Linda, FTAG.

Go Programming Language Resources
Documentation, syntax highlighting files for various editors and IDEs, links to Go libraries and bindings to C libraries, etc.

The Joule system is a foundation for building distributed applications. Joule Quick Reference 1.0 and The Joule Manual, divided into chapters as PDF files.

A coroutine library for C and Unix.

Simple library implementation of the Linda parallel programming system. SourceForge project page: downloads, forum and CVS.

LoI (Language of Interaction)
Designed to support interaction-oriented programming. This paradigm is especially suitable for the design of reactive component-based systems like distributed and interactive systems.

MC# (Multiprocessor C#) is a high-level object-oriented language based on .NET platform made for developing complex industrial program systems that can use multiprocessors.

A language for Deeply Networked Systems, implemented as a C extension based on structuring concepts and execution model of TinyOS, an event-driven OS for sensor network nodes with very limited resources: 8K bytes program memory, 512 bytes RAM.

Petri Nets World
Petri Nets is a formal and graphical appealing language which is appropriate for modelling systems with concurrency.

The Alef Concurrent Programming Language
Papers describing Plan 9's Alef programming language by Phil Winterbottom.

The Go Programming Language
Documentation, source, and other resources for Google's Go language.