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Befunge "Hello, World" Program
Three-line chunk of source code written by Tim Gilbert.

Befunge CPAN Module
Official Perl extension for interpreting Befunge.

Dictionary of Programming Languages Befunge Page
Brief language fact sheet, complete with links to conceptually related languages.

Two Funge implementations. JavaScript Funge: Funge-98 in JavaScript. Object-Oriented Funge.

Funge-98 Final Specification
The official specification for the 1998 revision to Befunge-93.

Tim's Befunge Compiler
This "pseudo-compiler" will create an ANSI C program from a Befunge-93 source file. Programs can still be self-modifying even after they are compiled.

VSync's Funge Stuff
Features a portable Befunge-93 pseudocompiler and several other compilers and interpreters. Demonstrates how to use Befunge as a CGI scripting language.

A Befunge-93 interpreter written in Inform, and runnable on just about anything.