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Applied Acoustics Systems
Develops Tassman and Lounge Lizard, virtual instruments based on physical modeling.

Offers Moog Modular and CS-80V, a reproduction of the Yamaha CS-80. Specifications, audio samples, support, and download area.

It develops Bass Line, a bass emulator. Main features, audio samples, support area, purchasing information.

Virtual drum machine software. Make your own beat with 266 different drum sounds.

Offers the Forte soft-synth controller. Also a tone generator and a spectrum analyser.

Makers of DSP and synthesizer software and hardware for PC and Mac.

Semi-modular synthesizer featuring both subtractive and FM synthesis. Description, user guide, screenshots, downloadable demo.

Percussion sequencing application (drum machine) software for Mac OS X. Overview, screenshots, FAQ, mailing list and support area.

FabFilter Software Instruments
Develops FabFilter One, a monophonic lead synthesizer in VST and AudioUnit format. Audio samples, downloadable demo.

Garritan Orchestral Libraries
Developing instruments based on Kontakt software technology. Audio samples, features description, news and purchasing information.

A software synthesizer loosely based on the CZ series synth engine.

IMEA Studio
Association of sound designer and developer, features tools and synthesizers based on an hybrid concept.

Ilya Efimov Production
Creates libraries and virtual instruments of Russian ethnic instruments, acoustic guitar and bass. Audio demo available, immediate download.

Inspired Acoustics
Developers of acoustic and virtual pipe organ products. Reviews, audio examples, demos, purchasing information.

KVR Audio
Software synthesizer news, resources, information and reviews.

Kiesel Software
Developers of the Helga softsynth.

LinPlug Virtual Instruments
[Win - Mac] Several VST synths: screenshots, audio samples, download and support area.

Develops Purity and other synthesizers. Specifications, audio samples, support and download area.

Virtual instrument from MOTU: overview, technical specifications, audio examples.

Overview, screenshots and technical specifications of this sampler from MOTU.

Manyetas: Ritmo
Audio Unit drumsampler for Mac OS X. Feature description, screenshots, audio samples, forum, downloadable demo and online ordering.

Muon Software Ltd
Develops virtual instrument plug-ins for use with music recording software.

Features several Instruments and Reaktor-5 ensembles.

Software synthesizer news, information, reviews, and a download area.

Prophet 64
Use your Commodore 64 as a TB-303 sequencer with a Prophet 5-like interface. Includes a random composer pattern generator.

Psychic Modulation
[Win] Features several VST instruments by Jack Resweber. Downloadable demos.

Sound module which combines into a VST instrument, a sampler/synth engine with multisampled sounds.

Adventus VST synth offers leads, pads, strings, basses, organs and pianos, for live performance work or sequencing. Demo available.

Sonic Charge Tonic
[Win] Drum and percussion synth combined with a pattern based engine. Features, audio samples, downloadable demo, purchasing information.

Sonorous codes
Creators of Atmogen, the visual additive software synthesizer.

Non-real time 808 and 909 drum synthesiser.

Synapse Audio Software
Makers of Orion, Hydra and Scorpion. Screenshots, support and download area.

Developer of several VST audio plugins. Overview, screenshots, audio examples and downloadable demos.

Company that develops Ivory, a sample based piano virtual instrument. Features, screenshots, demos, purchasing information.

Develops DFH Superior, a drum and percussion virtual instrument. Main features, forum and support area, audio and video demos, purchasing information.

Creators of freeware VST Instruments for Windows.

VirSyn Software Synthesizer
Develops Tera and Cube. Description, downloadable demos, support area, company information.

Virtual Synth Page
A resource about software synthesizers including background information and detailed reviews.

Way Out Ware
TimewARP 2600 Arp 2600 emulator. RTAS plug-in.

Featuring Wusikstation VSTi, a sample based virtual instrument for Windows VST hosts. Demo, forum, MP3 examples.

Yellow Tools
Development of sound libraries and virtual instruments such as Culture, Majestic and Candy. Feature description, support area and purchase information.
Develops some virtual instruments and effects. Feature description, audio samples and demos available, screenshots, purchase information.

Description, technical overview, screenshots, download area and purchasing information about this synth that combines subtractive and additive synthesis.

Drum machine for Mac and PC: overview, screenshots, main features, purchasing information.