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@MAX Tray Player
Taskbar integrated player allows for easy access to all media files on the computer.

Acez Jukebox
Player and mixer software intended for consumer and professional use.

Windows based, freeware open source media file player written in C. Formats covered include MP3, WMA, and MIDI.

Freeware player that adds multimedia content to any audio CD.

Discotheque Sound System
MP3 DJ mixing software with automatic beat-matching, recording, dual player, cue support, and crossfaders.

Multi-format audio player for Windows, low resource usage, features include playback from archives.

JukeANator Digital Jukebox
A Java application that plays MP3, WMA or iTunes songs and has commercial and non-commercial versions.

Jukebox with album generation, kiosk-mode, modern and traditional skins.

Sound Cue System
Designed for running sound cues and sound effects for live theatre productions.

Music visualization software in the form of media player plug-ins and standalone products. G-Force, WhiteCap, Darkroom. Free trial versions.

CD player that also represents music graphically in real time as changing field of fog and glowing lines.

XMCD - Motif CD Player
Free CD audio player for UNIX and OpenVMS that can query the CDDB over the Internet.

XMPlay using BASS audio library
Windows music player supporting MP3 and many tracker formats.