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For writing and editing of abc tunes, file management and playback. View tunes as notation. Register for printing.

Arkkra Enterpises
[Dos-Linux-Unix] Mup, a batch musical typesetter. Reads a descriptive input file, outputs PostScript and MIDI. Shareware.

CERL Sound Group
Analysis/Synthesis and notation software. Fully-functional downloadable trial version available.

Capella Music Software
Score scanning, notation editor; real-time MIDI entry.

Ceol Mor Software Ltd.
[Win] Drag and drop bagpipe and drum score writing software. Suitable for beginners and advanced users.

[Win] Creates chordsheet style guitar tablature and songbooks with table of contents and alphabetized index. Demo available.

[Win] For chords and lyrics, with a flexible dictionary. Imports text, suggests chord diagrams (guitar) which can be heard and transposed.

DrawMusic ChordSong
Create, play and print chord songs (chords and lyrics).

MIDI music composer that helps you go from concept to published score with minimum effort. By GVOX.

Create and print sheet music with "Overture 3" and "Score Writer 2" for PC/Mac. Converts MIDI.

Graphire Music Press
[Mac-Win] Professional music typesetting software: includes features, screenshots, and ordering information.

Produces tablature and Midi files from the chords and melodies you play into your sound card. Demo available.

Igor Engraver
[Win-Mac] Professional notation software: includes program features, samples, and a downloadable demo.

Editor for professionals or hobbyists engaged in study or self-expression.

Notate, print, practice, and play music from MIDI files. Classical and guitar notations.

[Win] MIDI player that will convert any MIDI file to sheet music. Demo available.

Music notation program for MS-Windows. Edits, previews, plays, prints full and part scores.

Score editor facilitating arrangements, percussion, lyrics. MIDI, PDF, ABC formats. Windows.

A suite of utilities for typesetting music in TeX. Also houses Werner Icking Music Archive of free sheet music.

[Win] Edit, transpose, print, play, import SongWright and abc files, virtual songs/songbooks. Demo fully-functional.

[Win] Audio sequencer with notation capabilities: includes features, screenshots and a downloadable demo.

Myriad Software
[Mac-Win] Harmony Assistant, Melody Assistant, Virtual Singer voice synthesis, and OMeR music OCR.

[Mac] Description and ordering information for this easy to learn and use notation program. A free light version available.

Sheet music software to search and create your own sheet music from MIDI files.

NoteWorthy Composer
[Win] Simple music editor that also imports and exports MIDI files. Downloadable shareware demo version.

Opus 1 Music Inc.
Company that develops software for OPENSTEP and Macintosh computers: features NoteAbility Pro and NoteWriter.

Personal Composer
Sequencing and scoring, record, edit, listen to, and print your music. Windows.

MIDI based, helps beginners learn notation and compose. Includes a free music course. Demo available.

QuickScore Elite and Copyist
[Win]Music composition, arranging, notation, MIDI sequencing and recording software.

SharpEye Music Reader
Music scanning software. Converts sheet music to MIDI, NIFF, MusicXML formats.

TaBazar Tablature Editor
Multitrack notation program for fretted instruments and percussion. View, edit, print, and play back scores.

Imports drum tabs from internet sources and converts them into standard music format and playable MIDI files.

The ABC Plus project
Provides software and documentation for the extension to ABC notation which provides for polyphonic music.

The abc Musical Notation Language
ASCII-based notation, with many tools to display, edit, play .abc files on various systems.

Yahoo! Groups : Mozart software
Mailing list for all users of this program.