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Adventus Incorporated
[Win] Piano Suite teaches users to play piano, sight read music, and compose via the PC and a MIDI keyboard.

Ars Nova Music Software
Publishes educational music software, is located in Kirkland , Washington.

[Win - Mac] Sells several titles for guitar, piano, and music appreciation.

Computers for Music
Offers information and reviews of some popular titles.

Harmonic Vision
[Win-Mac] Developer of Music Ace, music instruction software for students and schools.

Harmonica Bendometer Playing System
Teaches how to play bends, overblows, riffs, and songs. Learn tips and analyze songs also.

Harmony Line Music
Hyperscore uses an original presentational style to teach the essentials of music composition.

Publisher of animation, multimedia, graphics, music, and educational software for the Apple Macintosh platform.

Jazz Scale Suggester System
Enter any jazz chord chart into the program and it will suggest and explain scales for soloing.

Jim Lee Music Instruction
Guitar, bass, drum machine related downloads. Forum.
Sight reading drills on keys, notes, intervals, and chords.

Helps music students with reading notes, recognizing instruments, and ear training.

MiBac Music Software
[Mac-Win] Offers MiBAC Jazz and Music Lessons software. Demos available.

Music Teacher's Helper
Manage expenses, student payments and attendance. Also, students can login from home to see schedules.

Music Teacher's Office
Handles scheduling, registrations, invoicing, lesson assignments, and automated makeups. Parent portal and teacher forum.
Downloadable software tools teach chords, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, and piano.

O-Generator is a pre-sequencer designed to help 10 to 16 year old pupils learn about music.

QuickBeat Human Drum Machine
Practice to drum beats in 12 different genres.

Recorder Teacher
[Win] Program for learning to write and read music, and to play the recorder.

Serge Mikhailov's Online Music Games
Piano, drum, guitar, note training. Requires Flash.

Seventh String Software
Producers of Transcribe!, software to aid the transcription of music from audio form. Includes features to slow down the music without changing the pitch and a spectrum analysis feature to help work out hard-to-hear chords. Site includes details of features, screenshots, reviews and an evaluation version to download. [Windows, Mac, Linux]

Sing & See
Voice training software for singers providing real-time pitch and spectrogram displays

SmartMusic Studio
[Win - Mac] Catalogue of accompaniments, subscriptions and community functions. For woodwinds, brass, and vocalists.

Practice and play an instrument with professional musicians. Immediate feedback on one's performance.

Collection of information and reviews of a wide range of software for singers

Voce Vista
Voice training software providing real-time spectrographic displays for singers

W33t's Computer Music Tutorial Video
Video of how to create music on your computer using Sony Sound and Cakewalk Sonar 5 Producer Edition.