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Aspire - Music MasterWorks
[Win] Description and order information of this voice-to-note composing software.

Modular audio software for live performance, audio processing, sound design and music composition.

Chord Arranger Pro
Creates styles from any MIDI file and is able to identify chords and convert song measures into style parts.

Free on-line tools including 12-tone row analysis and pitch class. Also "MusicGraph" a tool for graphing music across dimensions.

Drum track creation tool, supports multiple samples and effects.

Frameworks and Environments
Academic paper defining data structures for general concepts of composition, sound synthesis, networks.

Ixi Software
Prototypes and apps for composition of experimental music.

Free software "Blending algorithmic techniques with contemporary Music Theory to "air brush" compositions."

Rhythm Rascal
Create drum tracks using any sample WAV files as drum sounds. Flexible, although designed mostly for Rock and Metal.

Swar Systems
Create music using Indian melodies and scales. Supports up to 8 instruments.

TaalMala and SwarMala
Compose Taal (loops) with Tabla and Pakhawaj (Indian drums). Export to WAV or MP3. Also offers the SwarMala sequencer.

The Palette
Melody composing tool uses composition and harmony theory to help composers develop phrases, sentences, periods, and motifs.

Vermilion Desktop Composer
Open Source Modular Music Composer.

Virtual Studio Systems
Offers Lyricist and TrackNotes for musicians, songwriters, and home recording.