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A Buzz recode, freeware and supports all Buzz Machines and the BMX file format. More features and shortcuts than original Buzz.

Bas' Buzz
Jazzy songs, away from the Buzz-mainstream (if there is one...) Also: the Buzz-talk mailing list archive.

Buzz Tracker Web Ring
This is a web ring of jeskola buzz sites.

CyanWerks Buzz
Projects, articles, utilities, links.

Hamster Alliance Productions
Music composed entirely with Buzz Tracker. Professional producer.

Nool's Buzz Page
WAV samples for your own productions, buzz tutorials and tips, bmx and MP3 files.

Yahoo! Groups : Buzz-Buzz
An email buzz message group.

Yahoo! Groups : buzz-jam
A group buzz jam that you can join.

Yahoo! Groups : experimental-music-with-buzz
Buzz email chat group.
Examples of source code.