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A private online community designed for those who already have strong connections with one another. By invitation only.

A community site for developers of free software.

A worldwide community that provides its members with the ability to communicate and share their lives. Features include photo and video sharing.
A community for African Americans, that provides an interactive forum with chat, photos, games, email, and contests.
Find, connect and keep in touch with friends and acquaintances, post photographs, announcements, and biographies, read community message boards and be informed of upcoming reunions. Free and paid memberships.

Offers profile listing, discussion groups and a place to arrange free accommodations around the world.

An invitation only site that ensures all contacts entering the system are trusted by at least one or more members in the network. Members share career opportunities and interact with others.

Experience Project
A personal growth and support community connecting members through shared experiences.

Community including live chat, photograph uploads and messaging between members.

In addition to profiles, offers email, a forum, music, videos and an arcade sections are available.

The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5.

Picture galleries available with chat, groups, and photo ratings.

Follow Liker
A desktop client for managing accounts of a range of social networks.

A service for sharing and printing photos. Also offers blogs.

A community of interconnected photo diaries and blogs.

Members note their locations with a mobile phone and can find out where friends are. Recent activity, introductory video.

Friends Reunited
The main site reunites people, while Genes Reunited enables members to pool their family trees; the Dating and Jobs sites link members with similar attributes, interests and/or locations. Pages specific to several locations around the world.

A global social network that emphasizes friendship and the discovery of new people. Search for old friends and classmates, stay in touch with friends, share photos and videos. Also in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and in Spanish.

Enables the creation of a family tree, and a profile, which can be shared with family and friends.
Lists schools, colleges and universities from many countries and offers free registration and browsing. Members can list contact information, a brief biography, and other details, to reunite with former classmates.

Allows to connect to multiple social networks from one website or application.
A social microblogging service similar to Twitter, built on open source tools and open standards. Allows users to send text-based posts up to 140 characters long.

Focuses on India. Contains profiles, games, music, photographs, and SMS messages.

Join Diaspora
A Diaspora pod. A free personal web server that implements a distributed social networking service.

International community of online friends. Features photo albums, blogs, forums, messaging, and private chat.

Make anonymous friends. Create an avatar and write letters to members. Other features include diaries, web pages, Oekaki, and virtual items.

A networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners. Allows registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business.
Discussion forum with topics that include celebrity news and gossip, current events, and sports. Also features confessions, blogs and games.

Local Sounds
An organization of industry professionals and musicians that focuses on the historical preservation, education and advancement of the local music industry.
A community dedicated to providing a casual social environment. Members are encouraged to organize and participate in events in any given MEETin city.

Helps groups of people with shared interests plan events and facilitates off line group meetings in various localities around the world.
An English language site for the Hispanic community, reflecting Latino culture and perspectives.

Home to a number of signed and unsigned underground artists, this site offers such features as profiles, blogs, member polls, instant messaging, live chat, and email.
Members are offered free or paid services. Site is organized by hobbies and interests and by health topics.

A Nigerian online community that allows people to engage in interactive activities and share local contents.

Offers profiles, friends list, blogs, galleries, articles, and forums.

An online service to create, customize, and share a social network.

A lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community that includes member profiles, picture galleries, private messages, discussion boards and online chat. Also organizes offline events.

A free social networking and dating website that also offers features that include blogs and member-created quizzes.

Devoted to the subject of climate change, users share thoughts, ask questions, and post videos and images. Create a personal eco-profile and calculate a carbon footprint.

One-to-one and one-to-many private messaging and sharing.
A hip-hop networking site. Contains photographs, profiles, forums, chat, and music.

Ryze Business Networking
Members get a free networking-oriented home page and can send messages to other members. They can also join special Networks related to their industry, interests or location.

An online community for physicians to post observations and questions about clinical issues and hear other doctors' opinions.

This social media site is focused on books. Members can build virtual bookshelves, discover, rate and discuss books, and participate in online groups.

Offers blogs, profiles, chat, photos, and videos.

Social Media for Good
Exploring the use of digital communications tools for NGOs, non-profit organizations and to support humanitarian relief.

A service for organizing active sports and connecting with other players for league teams, pick-up games, and sports or activity groups; combines sports-specific targeted search and member profiles with invitation and game management tools.

A web browser plugin that allows users to discover and rate webpages, photos, videos, and news articles.

Allows users to send messages, leave comments, browse photos, watch videos, play games, give tags and chat.

An international non-profit organization headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that connects youth around the world, encouraging them to get involved in improving their local and global communities.

A social networking platform that connects aspiring talent with fans and industry professionals.

The Hospitality Club
A network of people around the world who offer accommodation, advice and help for travelers. Free membership.

The Student Center
A community for teens, college students, and young adults. Offers profiles, forum, groups, chat and games.

Hotel reviews, and travel blogs to help with trip planning. Users can share travel tips, find a travel buddy, or weblog about travel experiences.

Allows its users to find, enjoy and share content.

Meeting place for dog owners. Offers blogs, photo sharing, forum and videos. [multi-languages]

Where Are You Now? (WAYN)
A travel and lifestyle social networking community designed for members to meet others, keep friends and family informed of their whereabouts and activities, and share experiences.

A free blog hosting community that offers informative content to readers.

A social software platform providing a small-world network for professionals.
A large social network which also operates within mainland China.

Offers a profile page, a friend request feature, photo storage, music reviews, video, and email.
An online community, based in several cities throughout the U.S. and in Canada. Users create a network of friends, and join or create tribes for common interests.