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DV Trading A/S
Computer brokers, buying and selling IBM and non-IBM equipment.

Dalco Electronics
Computer hardware and accessories.

Dallmann Computers
Computer systems, upgrades, software and used components.

Damomics Computer Systems
Provides computer hardware sales and service. Hewlett-Packard authorized.

Data Alliance, LLC
Wireless network equipment distributor offers antennas, adapters, cables, enclosures, mounts and accessories. Based in Nogales, Arizona.

Data Devices International
Degaussers and magnetic media solutions

Custom made workstations and servers.

Datek Ltd.
Providing micrographics and imaging solutions.

Dell Europe
Custom-build and order computers, design desktop computers, laptops, and servers.

Delta Marketing Group
Sells servers, workstations and peripherals manufactured by Sun Microsystems., Inc.
Designs, builds, and distributes hardware and software multimedia products and sales training programs.

Digi-Mart Computers
Custom-built workstations and servers.

Features name brand computers and accessories.

Digital Thumb
Computer design, sales and assembly.

Offers computer components, accessories and PC hardware. Ships in Europe.
Canadian retailer of computer hardware, software, and supplies.

Hardware and software sales, located in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dirt Bag, Inc.
Disposable air filter which filters all incoming cooling computer air.

Memory diagnostic tools and software.

Don Davidson Computer
Custom built professional quality computers.

Dornwell Technology
New Zealand wholesaler computer parts, surveillance and network systems and optical products.

Dream Pages
Desktops, notebooks, pocket PCs, network and communication equipment.

Dynamic Computer Services
Sells custom build computers, components and IT services.