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ARM Developments
Embedded system based on ATMEL AT91M40800 processor and Network Card based on Crystal CS8900A.

Bug Labs
Develops BUG: modular software and hardware platform, web-enabled, set of pre-matched components: color screen, camera (video enabled), GPS, accelerometer; snap together, no soldering. Open source.

Computer-on-Module COM-SPEAR1340
Development platform for the ST SPEAR 1340 MPU. It consists of Computer-on-Module (COM) and Single Board Computer (SBC). Schematics, documentation and Linux distribution is available for download.

DAISY: Dynamically Architected Instruction Set from Yorktown
Goals: make VLIW and other novel ILP architectures fully compatible with common extant architectures such as PowerPC, x86, S/390, and Java Virtual Machine.

Elphel, Inc.
A project working on cameras and imaging solutions with Free software and open hardware. Contains a list of products along with their prices and documentation.

Several open source reference designs, based on 8-bit AVR, ARM7 and ARM9. All schematics and the CAD data are published as open source hardware.

I2C Interface Applications
Website contains the theoretical information on I2C interface, practical designs and open source examples.

LPC4350-DB1 Development Board
LPC4350 based development board with open source schematics and software examples.

OSC and MIDI Foot Controllers
Open hardware design of OSC (Open Sound Control) and MIDI foot controllers, primarily targeted for use with SooperLooper.

Produces and sells various development boards and publishes all the source code and design sheets under free licenses.

Open Compute Project
Specifications and design documents for the custom-built servers, racks, and other equipment used in Facebook's data centers.

Open Innovation Projects
Open Source Innovation Community, collection of open hardware projects

Open Programmer
Free USB programmer for PIC micros, I2C EEPROMs and other devices. Control applications for Windows and GNU/Linux are provided along with their source code.

Open Source PIC
Open source projects and software stacks for Microchip PIC microcontrollers.

OpenCollector Database
Site has a searchable index of many designs, tools and manufacturers.

Ronja (Reasonable Optical Near Joint Access)
Optical point-to-point data link.

USB I2C Adapters
USB I2C Interface Adapters with open source schematics and GUI applications.

USB PIC Bootloader is a resident open source bootloader for PIC18 microcontrollers. It allows you to program a new firmware application image into the chip using the standard USB connectivity of your device.