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Song, Dug
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Researcher working with embedded systems, Linux and wireless sensors.

Johansen, Jon Lech
Personal weblog of DVD Jon who released the DeCSS software which decodes the content-scrambling system used for DVD licensing enforcement. Includes his thoughts on Apple computers and digital rights management.

Knowles, William
Founder of and moderator of InfoSec News. The Hacker Behind "Hacking the XBox"
Interview with hacker Andrew "Bunnie" Huang describing how he ran into trouble with the DMCA when publishing a book on hacking the Xbox.

Microsoft Kid
Personal Page of Ajay Puri, young Indian hacker best known as "Little Indian Bill Gates".

Mitnick, Kevin
Ex-hacker who was previously imprisoned for computer and wire fraud violations. Mitnick is now a security consultant.

Provides information on computer security research, privacy, and hacking. The author presents his projects, exploits, papers, code, and configuration templates.

Space Rogue
Website of former member of L0pht Heavy Industries and editor of the Hacker News Network. Biography and articles.

An article by on Jesse Tuttle, a hacker who used the handle Hackah Jak. Tuttle claims he was working for the FBI.