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Over 2000 shareware and freeware fonts, create instant logos for websites, using any of the fonts at this site. View all the characters in any of the fonts available to download.

Altemus, Robert - Altemus Collection
44 dingbat fonts available for sale in truetype and postscript formats. [MacOS, Windows]

Cool Archive
Archive of over 900 TrueType fonts with color previews, for PCs and Macs.

Dark Garden
Download the DarkGarden TrueType font. Includes information about modification.

EKNP Free Fonts
Fonts for the PC, found in the alphabetical sorted archives or by using the search engine.

Emerald City Fontwerks
Large collection of freeware and shareware fonts for the PC and Mac.

Small collection of free avant-garde fonts.

Foam Train Font
Original Mac and PC typeface for non-commercial use. Typographical rules, glossary, and a how-to guide for creating founts.
A website containing a large collection of 1000s TrueType fonts. Features include: upload area, help for creating and installing fonts.

Fontcraft's Scriptorium Fonts and Graphic Arts
Focus is on original fonts, fonts based on historical calligraphy and digitizations of antique typefaces, as well as a collection of art and textures.

Fonts For Flash
Pixel fonts for Flash developers, shareware.

Free Font of the Month
S. John Ross' fonts, typically based on his own hand-drawn samples.

Graffiti Fonts
Providing shareware/freeware graffiti, cutting edge and handwritten fonts available for download.

Grunge Fonts
Contains archive of PC TrueType "Grunge" fonts and links to others.

Harold's Fonts
Collection of artistic fonts by Harold. Provides registration to receive notification of updates.

Designer fonts for postcards by Klaus Johansen.

Norfok Inc. Font Dungeon
Horror movie fonts, all fonts are in True Type, Type1, and Open Type. Shareware fonts created and digitized by Thomas W. Otto.

An archive of several fonts available in Mac and Windows format.

Rapp, Ellinor - Font Garden
Archive of freely downloadable fonts and dingbats. Also offer font sales (including fonts built to your own handwriting) and a discussion forum. [Windows, MacOS]

Rubicon Font Library
Postscript and TrueType fonts, our implementations of popular designs, with gridfitting hints and kerning pairs.

The Akbar Font
Typeface based on the handwriting of the Simpsons' creator Matt Groening.

The Fontain Of Youth
Unusual freeware and shareware fonts, plus font utilities and managers for Win95, 98 and NT.

Type A Design
Creators of the fonts Toontime, Zoink, and Marty's Dingbits for Mac and Windows.

Typo 5
A project open to participate includes some free fonts and design too.

Varian's Dreamfonts
Growing assortment of original TrueType fonts especially designed for use on the web. Macintosh and Windows.