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Ars Technica: Wireless Security Blackpaper
Article covering basic 802.11b security, WEP, MAC address filtering, broadcast key rotation and EAP based standards.

Keeping Wireless Intruders Away
Article raising awareness about the risk of unprotected wireless networks, and how a worldwide test yielded shocking results about the amount homes left unprotected to network attacks.

Lisa Phifer's Wireless CORner
Compendium of on-line wireless/mobile resources, including WLAN security articles, webcasts, and tools.

New Scientist
Article by Will Knight, discussing a new authentication approach that can combat the risks associated with connecting to a rogue access point.

Securing Your Wireless Network
Tips for home users to secure their wireless LAN, with detailed instructions on how to execute each step of the process.

A two part article on developing a security policy for wireless networks expressing key policy components in great detail.
A three part article on wireless penetration testing discussing the different types of attacks that can be used, how to protect against them, and walks through a typical attack on a network.

Wireless Home Network Security Tips
Tips for home users who want to get a network up quickly to secure their network against the most prevalent of threats.